Our in-house Technical designer Will, gives us an insight into how the CAD department process and why he plays a crucial role in most orders.

CAD Image

About You?

London born but grew up in New Zealand. Industrial Designer by trade, a passion for fine objects and problem solving has led steered me towards bespoke furniture.

CAD Image

What’s your role and what is a typical day?

My role fits between the Sales and Production side of the process – from concept drawings for the clients to production drawings and templates for the factory. Day to day these concept drawings will sometimes involve following a specific brief from the client and other times is developing a design based off inspiration and ideas. On the production end I’m putting together technical drawings & templates either for our team in-house or for any of our external manufacturers.

Best parts about the job?

The large volume of Bespoke furniture we produce inherently provides new and different challenges every day which means my job never gets boring! Ultimately my favourite part is seeing the end result of a large project I’ve had a hand in, makes the hours worthwhile.

What types of jobs are you involved with?

I have a hand in anything we do that isn’t a stock standard item – most of it really; ranging from doing a couple of one-off pieces for high end residential to full on fitouts for restaurants and hotels. Often this involves fitted items designed to work with a specific place – not the sort of thing than can be bought off the shelf.

What things would be beneficial from clients?

Generally, the more the better; especially things like floor plan drawings or CGI renders/site photos if they exist! Understanding the bigger picture of the Client’s end design intent helps with putting something together that is going to work best for a certain space. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with not having all the answers either – I’m more than happy to be given free rein to suggest/design something that we think would work well.

What’s your opinion on Alter London?

I see Alter as a combination of manufacturing skills honed by years of experience with a vibrant and enthusiastic team providing fine quality goods within a pretty impressive timeframe. Having the vast majority of production in-house alongside the rest of the business is great for seeing progress of orders through each stage and is great for myself keeping in constant communication with the team in different areas of production.

How do you wind down after work?

If I’m not in the climbing gym or trying to fix something on my car, you may find me in a Pub with a nice beer garden with a couple of fellow Kiwis!